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Autumn-Ridge-product2Autumn Ridge Maple Farm specializes in the production of artisan maple syrup.

Natural maple syrup, like fine wine, can present a complex flavor complete subtle tastes and finishes that can please the most discerning palette.

Autumn Ridge Maple Farm’s maple masters, take great care during harvest and production to fully develop and preserve the unique richness of this healthy sweetener.

Sap harvested early in the season may present a delicate light or dark syrup with a distinctive maple flavor with undertones of vanilla or hazelnut. Sap harvested late in the season may create a syrup with a hearty full-bodied caramelized taste with robust nutty overtones with a smooth buttery finish. Each harvest and each phase of the harvest will create a unique blend of flavors of pure maple syrup that are dependent on harvest conditions.

From barrel to barrel, Autumn Ridge Maple Farm processes and bottles the syrup according to the flavor notes, color, and viscosity of the syrup to maintain a quality color and taste.

Maple flavors can be paired with foods to enhance flavor. Once you understand the grading system, you will be able to appreciate the aspects of taste a bit more.

Recently, the grading system used for maple syrup changed from a grade and color system to a taste system.

U.S. Grade A Light Amber – Pure maple syrup produced during the first run of sap. The characteristics of Grade A Light Amber include a pale amber color and a delicate taste, commonly with hints of vanilla. Great for use on light, fruit-filled pancakes.

U.S. Grade A Medium Amber – Natural maple syrup collected in the beginning of the season, Grade A Medium Amber is bit more bold, Grade A Medium Amber delivers a stronger vanilla taste with hazelnut/nutty undertones and a hint of caramel or butter. Great for use on light, fruit-filled pancakes. Works well with French toast or traditional pancakes.

U.S. Grade A Dark Amber – A mid-season sap creates a robust flavored maple syrup with a darker amber color. This type of syrup will have deep caramel overtones and buttery finish. Best served with buckwheat or oat pancakes and whole grain breads.

U.S. Grade B Commercial – Near the end of the season sap, creates a dark-colored syrup with a strong maple taste and overtones of dark caramel flavors.

To appreciate the taste and differences in Maple Syrup conduct or attend a maple syrup tasting. For the best results, follow the steps below.

  1. Smell the syrup by taking three quick sniffs. Make a note of your impression.
  2. Take a small sip of the syrup and swirl it in your mouth. Concentrate on the range of flavors.
  3. Associate the flavor with your own experience (for example, the aroma from a bag of marshmallows).
  4. Determine the degree of intensity (mild, medium or strong).